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Do Thi Bich Nga

CEO of Eduma English / ESL Teacher

Professional Teacher
From Vietnam

Living in Ho chi minh, Vietnam
TEACHES: English
About Russia Do

I’m an English teacher, international communication, TESOL, IELTS and specialist skills, enthusiastic language learner, and a traveler by nature. Originally from Bangladesh and currently living in a little town in Ho chi minh city.

Me as a Teacher

Hello students! My name is Russia. I am a 28 year old native Vietnamese and English speaker from Ho chi minh, Vietnam. I am currently pursuing Bengali and English and have experience as a teacher’s at Eduma English. I am a fun and loving person who enjoys spending time with friends and family, exercising, reading, listening to music and watching noir films. I love learning new things. I hope to see you soon and look forward in meeting you

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K04A19h30 – 21h00 Tuesday, Friday19:30, Tuesday, 3/08/10Sign up now
I will help you to connect yourself; ideas and opinions with English in order to accomplish your goals and objectives

My teaching material

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