Who we are?


The EDUMA education organization set a goal of 2020 to become a leading educational group with a presence throughout Vietnam and Southeast Asia; In order to spread the fire of passion and help the young generation of Vietnam find their voices to build successful and happy career and life.


You have been struggling with the questions: why do I find it difficult to hear English?

Why do I feel limp, awkwardly stuttering when I need to speak English?

Why is my mind confused, unable to speak English naturally what I think?

And more importantly, why am I … so bad in English?

The mission of the EDUMA Education Foundation is also our mission of continuous action that is to provide unique, differentiated and effective educational solutions to help you overcome all of the aforementioned questions and inspired English language skills and confidence in smooth communication after 3 to 6 months of study .

How to contact us?

Through Email or phone number.



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